Have Fun In The Kitchen

Expand your cooking and baking knowledge. Learn new cooking techniques that will elevate your cooking and baking, and try a new recipe!

  • Special Salads

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    Join us for a mouthwatering episode featuring not one, but two sensational salad recipes! A fabulous Potato Salad and Pasta Salad - like you've never had before! Bursting with flavor and practicality, these salads can be fully prepared in advance and are delicious at room temperature. Tune in to ...

  • Pastrami Cabbage Bourekas

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    In this festive Purim episode, viewers are transported to a joyous celebration where a beautifully set table brims with Purim vibes. Raizy shares a fabulous hack on how to create these tantalizing Pastrami Cabbage Bourekas for a crowd - in no time at all. Bursting with a delightful blend of sweet...

  • Maple-Glazed French Roast

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    In this episode, culinary expert Rivky Kleiman shares her secrets for creating a mouthwatering Maple-Glazed French Roast without dirtying a single pot. Whether you prefer your roast medium-rare or well-done, this recipe guarantees a delicious outcome every time.
    Overflowing with culinary wisdom, ...

  • Hearty Vegetable Soup with Nokedli

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    Learn the secrets of preparing the Ultimate Hearty Vegetable Soup with Nokedli. The rich fusion of vegetables creates a robust and gratifying flavor profile, complemented by the perfect fluffy Nokedli. Discover how surprisingly simple it is to make Nokedli and enjoy a comforting hug in a bowl.

  • Chop Chop Salad

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    Learn the art of crafting a simple yet flavorful Chop Chop Salad. With clean ingredients and aromatic herbs, this dish strikes a balance between wholesomeness and elevated taste. Discover how to create a special breadcrumb topping that enhances the flavor of salads and creamy soups.

  • Elegant Herbed Salmon

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    Discover how to create a show-stopping Elegant Herbed Salmon that's beautiful, delicious, and incredibly easy to make. Filled with clean, wholesome ingredients, this is the perfect filling appetizer or main dish!
    But that's not all – Raizy takes you behind the scenes as she sets up a cozy Siyum c...

  • Hungarian Style Sauerkraut and Beef Stew

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    In this episode, Raizy Fried introduces us to the mouthwatering Hungarian dish, "Székely Káposzta," which combines tender beef, sweet paprika, and sauerkraut. With a rich tomato-based sauce, it creates a flavorful fusion of sour notes and savory richness. Whether you're a seasoned food lover or n...

  • Hungarian-Style Salami Letcho

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    Indulge in the rich flavors of Hungarian-style salami letcho, a savory stew featuring vibrant peppers, tender zucchini, and succulent cubed salami. Learn how to prepare this foundational recipe to have as a staple, and then explore its flexibility in various serving options. Enjoy it with pearl c...

  • Tasty Tongue

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    In this episode, Raizy demonstrates how effortless it is to cook a delectable tongue to tender, buttery perfection. Learn to prepare this beautiful, rich dish Lekoved Yomtov; it freezes beautifully and is easier than you think!

  • Chicken Galette with Mushroom Gravy

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    In this episode, Raizy expertly guides viewers on how to create a delectable Chicken Galette with Mushroom Gravy—a symphony of flavors perfect for a festive Yomtov meal. She begins by sautéing ground dark chicken and skillfully combines peppers, onions, and celery to craft a rich and textured fil...

  • Flavorful Tuna Patties

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    Learn the secret to making tuna patties that are packed with a combination of different flavors.
    Take tuna patties from being meh to YEAH!

  • Breakfast Crescent Ring

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    Your ultimate breakfast all in one delectable dish! This breakfast crescent ring is stuffed with eggs, hash browns and cheese in an amazing crescent dough. This impressive dish is perfect to serve for a breakfast, brunch or hey, even for dinner! In this episode you will learn the easiest crescent...

  • Plating Masterclass: For Beginners

    Learn to design dishes that look as if they’re coming straight out of a gourmet restaurant. Discover how to transform your favorite recipes into a piece of art. In this fun and comprehensive episode, Raizy shares her favorite tools and teaches the art of plating, starting with the basics for begi...

  • Chilled Hungarian Pear Soup

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    This light soup made with ripe pears and minimal ingredients is an exotic choice as a light appetizer, or a deliciously sweet conclusion to any refreshing summer meal. Watch how easy it is to whip together this dish!

  • Vegetable Blintzes with Mushroom Gravy

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    Hungarian. Heimish. Comforting. This dish is all of the above.
    These wholesome savory blintzes are stuffed with a tasty vegetable filling and smothered with a rich mushroom gravy. Get this amazing recipe and learn how to prepare this dish, plus lots of pro tips how to make fine crepes which you ...

  • Carrot Cheese Muffins

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    Join Raizy in her kitchen as she shares her recipe for the ultimate Carrot Cheese Muffins.
    These muffins are not only super tasty and moist, but the addition of cream cheese takes them to a whole new level of deliciousness. As you follow along with Raizy, you'll learn all the techniques you need...

  • Spiced Salmon Board

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    In the episode, Raizy not only shares a mouth-watering salmon recipe but also demonstrates how to create an aesthetically pleasing salmon board with step-by-step instructions. The recipe is versatile and can be served for any occasion, from a casual weeknight dinner to a fancy Shabbos meal, and t...

  • Cookie Corner: Chocolate Eclairs

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    Meet Miriam Lopiansky, owner of the famous Cookie Corner of Lakewood. In this entertaining episode, Raizy and Miriam discuss what it's like to work with her husband and how they've slowly built up their bakery and cafe into a thriving business.
    Enjoy a tour around this delicious place and learn p...

  • Creamy Chicken and Scalloped Potatoes

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    In this episode, Raizy demonstrates how to make a mouthwatering Creamy Chicken and Scalloped Potatoes recipe that's perfect for everyone, including those who use only minimal ingredients on Pesach. With her expert guidance, Raizy shows how even with limited spices, the dish is still packed with f...

  • Healthy Blondies of Tzfas

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    This Tzfas experience treats you to happy and artistic vibes, plus a yummy, healthy recipe!
    Join Raizy in the old city of Tzfas as she strolls through the art galleries and visits 18 Karrots, a lovely café and juice bar in the Artist Colony. Naomi Sheffield of 18 Karrots is brimming with joy and ...

  • Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Mac & Cheese Balls

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    Meet the super talented Ruth Bendkowski and watch her whip up an incredible creamy mac & cheese dish using plant-based ingredients. Follow along to recreate this dish that explodes with a brilliant combination of flavors. You'll be amazed to find how good gluten-free and dairy-free can taste! If ...

  • Hungarian Style Meatloaf

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    Meet Agi Schwartz -- born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, and brimming with anecdotes, personality and charm. Follow along as Agi demonstrates how to create this decorative Hungarian meatloaf stuffed with hard-boiled eggs. You’ll smile, you’ll chuckle -- especially if you’re of Hungarian descent...

  • Tea Bag Cookies

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    These adorable cookies taste as sweet as they look! Fine vanilla cookies covered with orange chocolate and dried fruits are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of tea, and a sweet finale to any great event.

  • Batya's Pesach Kitchen

    In this episode, we follow Raizy as she tours the bustling kitchen of Batya Kahan, an experienced professional chef who has been cooking Pesach meals for families for years. Batya generously shares her insider tips and tricks with Raizy.
    Throughout the tour, viewers will gain valuable insights i...