Embrace Motherhood

Motherhood can be lonely. Get the support you need to nurture yourself through the challenges of motherhood. Learn tips and tricks from other experienced moms and find out how to make motherhood work for you!

  • Empowering Motherhood

    If you're a mom who often feels lonely and misunderstood, if you doubt yourself, wonder if you're doing it right, or question if this role is meant for you - this episode is crafted just for you! For your soul! For your heart. In "EMPOWERING MOTHERHOOD," Mushka Gopin and Raizy engage in a heart-t...

  • Tackling Teens: part 1

    Adolescence is a rollercoaster of emotions, and in this episode, Mindy Rosenthal, a seasoned behavioral therapist BCBA who works extensively with teens and their parents, delves into the mysteries of this crucial period.

    Why do our precious children become so sensitive, unpredictable, and emotio...

  • Tackling Teens: part 2

    In Part 2, the conversation continues as we delve into the Mother-Teen-Child Relationship, fostering growth, and addressing their need to be like "everyone." Mindy shares insights on maintaining composure amidst it all, offering coping skills and mindset shifts that empower.

    - How can we express...

  • Overcoming Overwhelm

    Do you often feel like you're drowning in the unrealistic demands of life? Is managing your schedule a constant struggle? It’s time to tackle this challenge with the help of productivity and mindset expert Tziri Hershkovitz from Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY). Tziri's Hakol Beseder program has bee...

  • A Yiddisha Mamme is Allowed to Sleep Well!

    Empowering moms with Tali Kleiner. A discussion about baby sleep training and so much more.

    Tali Kleiner is a Certified Sleep Consultant and Behavioral Coach specializing in personalized baby sleep training plans.

    Contact Tali at
    [email protected]
    or at (917)-444-5342

    Book mentioned in...

  • Mommy Burnout

    What do we do when motherhood feels like it’s “too much”? Why does the turbulent ride of motherhood often feel so lonely and isolating?

    Sarah Isaacs, a mom of many little ones from Chicago and certified personal trainer, discusses how we moms can support ourselves in this very challenging role. ...

  • Preparing your Preteen for Puberty

    How can a mother ensure her daughter is comfortable having sensitive conversations with her?
    How can a mother cultivate their relationship so she becomes her daughter’s go-to for answers to her questions?
    How do we acknowledge and answer questions that make us feel uncomfortable?
    And why is it s...

  • Feminism & Motherhood

    Has feminism failed mothers who just want to mother? In this conversation, Bracha Goetz, a ba'alas teshuva and author of over 41 children's books, offers wise advice to moms doing challenging and often unglamorous work. Raizy and Bracha discuss how the toxic feminist mindset has infiltrated ma...

  • You’re the Best Mother for Your Child

    What do you do when you’re doing your best as a parent, but don’t see the expected or desired results?
    What if your children are ungrateful, unappreciative or unhappy? Can you really spoil your children too much?
    Yehudis Eagle, a homeschooling mom of 11 children talks about the blessings and cha...

  • Toy Talk

    Raizy visits her favorite toy store, Toys for Thought in Lakewood N.J., and discusses toys and games. Discover educational games and quality building toys for children at all ages.

    Toys for Thought
    310 3rd Street, Lakewood NJ, 08701

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