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Discover the art of hosting unforgettable gatherings with Raizy. No one throws a party quite like her; she's renowned for her knack for turning any occasion into a joyous event popping with style and flair. Explore the world of being a "party planner-wannabe" and learn techniques, tips, and tricks that anyone can pull off—no need to be a professional. Browse through these episodes to learn everything from planning the perfect party and selecting color schemes to mastering tablescaping and creating stunning centerpieces.

  • Siyum Soirée

    Discover the perfect way to set up an elegant and cozy Siyum celebration in this episode. Learn how to create a stunning green trail centerpiece with just a few simple steps.

    Whether you're preparing to host a party or a Simcha, this episode is a great source of inspiration. The best part? Despi...

  • Blossom Basics: Flower Masterclass for Beginners

    Whether you're starting with a store-bought bouquet or venturing to craft an arrangement from scratch, you are invited to join Raizy in this episode as she provides a comprehensive guide to mastering the fundamentals. Raizy showcases three unique arrangement techniques, while generously sharing h...

  • Too Cool for School

    Prepare to be captivated by a wealth of decorating concepts, engaging activity suggestions, thoughtful gift ideas, and more in this episode overflowing with creativity.

    In this episode, Raizy shares her expertise and enthusiasm for hosting a fantastic school-themed Chanukah party. She demonstrat...

  • Lekoved Shabbos Kodesh

    Brimming with Raizy's signature Shabbos approach, this episode is filled with emotion and style. It is not only entertaining to watch but also packed with valuable styling tips and ideas for enhancing your Shabbos and Yomtov tablescapes.
    Learn how to create fresh table looks while utilizing the s...

  • The Slumber Party

    Learn how to help your daughter throw the ultimate slumber party experience! In this episode, Raizy shares not just decor, but many fun activities your teens will love and enjoy throughout the night. This theme is perfect for a girl's birthday or a mid-winter vacation activity that will keep your...

  • Cozy Party Ideas
    Movie + 1 extra

    Cozy Party Ideas

    Movie + 1 extra

    Get warm and cozy this Chanukah! Whether you’re planning a festive Chanukah party, a winter-themed birthday party, or another occasion – this episode has it all! Starting from the smart soup station to the rest of the adorable details, you’ll find plenty of fantastic tips to warm up your guests a...

  • Summer Fun Party

    Learn how to pull off a great birthday party that children will love! In this episode Raizy teaches how to choose a theme, a color palette and how to pull together a great party.

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