Unleash Your Creativity: Chanukah Edition

  • "Oh, Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel"


    BONUS EPISODE: Watch Raizy create an incredible 4D dreidel party prop/centerpiece using oaktags (poster boards)! Learn how you can create this in different colors and sizes to match any party décor.

  • Cozy Party Ideas
    Movie + 1 extra

    Cozy Party Ideas

    Movie + 1 extra

    Get warm and cozy this Chanukah! Whether you’re planning a festive Chanukah party, a winter-themed birthday party, or another occasion – this episode has it all! Starting from the smart soup station to the rest of the adorable details, you’ll find plenty of fantastic tips to warm up your guests a...

  • Too Cool for School

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    Prepare to be captivated by a wealth of decorating concepts, engaging activity suggestions, thoughtful gift ideas, and more in this episode overflowing with creativity.

    In this episode, Raizy shares her expertise and enthusiasm for hosting a fantastic school-themed Chanukah party. She demonstrat...

  • Easy Chanukah Ideas

    Want to make Chanukah special in your home, but don’t have the budget or time to go all out? In this episode, Raizy shares a collection of easy ways to make any meal festive and special Lekoved Chanukah. All you’ll need is time to watch this episode along with dreidel cookie cutters, and you’re g...

  • Elegant Herbed Salmon

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    Discover how to create a show-stopping Elegant Herbed Salmon that's beautiful, delicious, and incredibly easy to make. Filled with clean, wholesome ingredients, this is the perfect filling appetizer or main dish!
    But that's not all – Raizy takes you behind the scenes as she sets up a cozy Siyum c...

  • Tea Bag Cookies

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    These adorable cookies taste as sweet as they look! Fine vanilla cookies covered with orange chocolate and dried fruits are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of tea, and a sweet finale to any great event.