Perfect for Purim

  • Heimishe Hamantaschen Recipe


  • Raizy's Huliptches Recipe


  • Purim Centerpiece Recipes

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    Are you looking for a real food idea – something special that you can bring to your mother or in-laws as mishloach manos for the Purim seudah?

    In this episode, Raizy shares two fabulous, tasty dishes that make impressive mishloach manos and will be the perfect centerpiece to any Purim meal. Che...

  • Special Salads

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    Join us for a mouthwatering episode featuring not one, but two sensational salad recipes! A fabulous Potato Salad and Pasta Salad - like you've never had before! Bursting with flavor and practicality, these salads can be fully prepared in advance and are delicious at room temperature. Tune in to ...

  • Embodying Esther Hamalkah

    This thought-provoking episode explores the timeless lessons we can learn from Queen Esther. Renata Raizel and Raizy discuss Esther’s great sacrifice and courage, how she stayed pure while living in the midst of impurity, and how we can remain true to our values, even in unconventional circumstan...