Nurture Your Soul

Learn from frum women from all over the world! These episodes are filled with meaningful conversations on Judaism, femininity and self-growth. Connect to your essence and learn practical ideas that you can use today to elevate your life.

  • Return of the Flames

    Experience an enchanting evening by the campfire as Chava Schneider takes us on a captivating journey through the harmonies of her life. Through her melodious tales, we'll delve into the serendipitous notes that led her to her husband and the transformative moment of discovering the profound sign...

  • Spreading The Light

    Two Chabad women discuss how their motivation and outlook have been shaped by their upbringing. Learn how kiruv can become a way of life, and how we can raise a generation of lamplighters who are approachable, insightful and continue to spread the light. This episode is filmed in Crown Heights, B...

  • The Creative Heart

    Join Raizy on a visit to Kiyor Studios, a quaint ceramic studio in Nachlaot, Jerusalem. Meet Chaya Esther Ort and discover how she creates art with a higher Divine consciousness in a space devoted to integrating art and spirituality. Though coming from very different backgrounds, Raizy and Chaya...

  • Sheitlech & Shared Values

    What makes a great wig stylist?
    From Rebbetzins to models, Devorah Leah Adler services a wide range of clients.
    How does a Chassidish woman with sensitivity about her own dress and traditions gain the confidence to work with each community’s standards and styles?
    And how can all women feel con...

  • Own Your Inner Glow

    Only Esther Yenty Noe, a holistic coach living in Monsey, NY, could delve into the topic of self-esteem “mit aza yiddishe taam” (with such a Jewish flavor)! This episode delves deep into the topic of self-esteem and its connection to our relationship with Hashem, making it a must-watch for anyone...

  • Coming Home to Judaism

    Judaism, self-growth and learning can be different for everyone.
    Rivkah Tyler shares how she went from being a secular Jew and a struggling single mom, to discovering the beauty of Judaism and finding her husband.
    Rivkah also talks about dealing with fear and anxiety, and the importance of positi...