Nurture Your Soul

Learn from frum women from all over the world! These episodes are filled with meaningful conversations on Judaism, femininity and self-growth. Connect to your essence and learn practical ideas that you can use today to elevate your life.

  • Coming Home to Judaism


    Judaism, self-growth and learning can be different for everyone.
    Rivkah Tyler shares how she went from being a secular Jew and a struggling single mom, to discovering the beauty of Judaism and finding her husband.
    Rivkah also talks about dealing with fear and anxiety, and the importance of positi...

  • Sheitlech & Shared Values


    What makes a great wig stylist?
    From Rebbetzins to models, Devorah Leah Adler services a wide range of clients.
    How does a Chassidish woman with sensitivity about her own dress and traditions gain the confidence to work with each community’s standards and styles?
    And how can all women feel con...

  • The Creative Heart


    Join Raizy on a visit to Kiyor Studios, a quaint ceramic studio in Nachlaot, Jerusalem. Meet Chaya Esther Ort and discover how she creates art with a higher Divine consciousness in a space devoted to integrating art and spirituality. Though coming from very different backgrounds, Raizy and Chaya...

  • Spreading The Light

    Two Chabad women discuss how their motivation and outlook have been shaped by their upbringing. Learn how kiruv can become a way of life, and how we can raise a generation of lamplighters who are approachable, insightful and continue to spread the light. This episode is filmed in Crown Heights, B...