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  • Soulful Organization

    Adina Forouzan, a renowned organizer hailing from Cleveland, OH, brings a fresh perspective to the world of organization.
    Adina introduces us to the spiritual side of organization.
    Adina's expertise in organizing for top NFL players and philanthropists adds a unique dimension to her insights. W...

  • Elegant Herbed Salmon

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    Discover how to create a show-stopping Elegant Herbed Salmon that's beautiful, delicious, and incredibly easy to make. Filled with clean, wholesome ingredients, this is the perfect filling appetizer or main dish!
    But that's not all – Raizy takes you behind the scenes as she sets up a cozy Siyum c...

  • Mind Over Money

    Looking to break the taboo around discussing money and gain some insights into your finances? Join us for this episode as we delve into the topic that’s often shrouded in shame.

    Do you ever find yourself feeling stressed or anxious about money?
    Or maybe you're unsure of your relationship with m...

  • Too Cool for School

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    Prepare to be captivated by a wealth of decorating concepts, engaging activity suggestions, thoughtful gift ideas, and more in this episode overflowing with creativity.

    In this episode, Raizy shares her expertise and enthusiasm for hosting a fantastic school-themed Chanukah party. She demonstrat...

  • Faith and Friction

    Brocha Chana Metzger, a dedicated Chabad Shlucha in Midtown Manhattan, is a captivating and highly knowledgeable woman with a profound passion for history. In this episode, she shares valuable insights about the feminine power of Jewish women and their potential, the ongoing battle against Anti-S...