Enhance Your Home

Turn your house into a home. Visit beautifully decorated homes and glean practical home decorating and organization tips. This home series is sure to inspire you!

  • Fold Like A Pro

    Continue with Raizy and Ruthie Levy's visit to The Container Store, Staten Island, for a real treat. The grand finale: a swift, info-packed folding masterclass! From socks to t-shirts and tichels, discover pro tips to perfect your closet organization. Learn how to efficiently up your closet game ...

  • Closet Chronicles

    Ruthie Levy returns to explore smart closet organization ideas, providing options for both basic and custom closets. This entertaining episode is filmed at The Container Store, Staten Island. Discover practical insights on what to hang, what to fold, and clever shoe storage solutions. Whether you...

  • Soulful Organization

    Adina Forouzan, a renowned organizer hailing from Cleveland, OH, brings a fresh perspective to the world of organization.
    Adina introduces us to the spiritual side of organization.
    Adina's expertise in organizing for top NFL players and philanthropists adds a unique dimension to her insights. W...

  • An Artistic Home Adventure

    Come along for a cool home design adventure through the creative wonderland of Chany Gold's home. Chany, the queen of all things handmade and beautiful, takes the home decor game to the next level. In this episode, she’ll guide us through the ins and outs of balancing personality and design, coor...

  • Decorating on a Dime

    Dreaming of personalizing your children's bedrooms - but don't want to spend too much?
    Raizy shares her top tips for designing kid-friendly spaces that are as affordable as they are adorable!

    Do you know which bedroom elements carry the most visual weight, giving you the biggest bang for your ...

  • Making Your Home Yours

    Michelle Mozes designed her home to suit her style and fit her needs! This episode is loaded with practical tips and advice for anyone planning a home makeover, especially a kitchen makeover.

  • Organization Isn’t About Pretty Containers!

    Get organized with the best! Ruthie Levy explains her home organization philosophy in this mini organizing course. Get a sneak peek into Ruthie’s cabinets and pantry and watch Ruthie and Raizy shop Ruthie’s favorite organizing products at The Container Store. Learn how to keep the playroom in ord...

  • The Playroom

    A tour of Raizy’s playroom, her labeling system, and how she keeps it all organized.
    Discover quality toys that your children will love!

    Link to other episodes mentioned in this video:
    How to keep the playroom in order and how to manage the mess when y...