Elevate Your Marriage

Empowering conversations on the role of a Jewish wife. Learn how to feel respected and strengthen your relationship. Discover how to make the most of your powerful feminine energy.

  • The Power of Femininity


    Chany Felberbaum wants to see every single woman thrive in her marriage. In this episode, she shares her perspective on the male-female dynamic and explores the secret to attracting your husband’s attention and love by maximizing a woman’s ultimate gift – the power of femininity.
    Learn how to tr...

  • What is an Eishes Chayil?

    A conversation with Chany Rosengarten on the coveted titles we all strive to acquire. What does being a true “Balabusta” and “Eishes Chayil” mean?
    How can we be there for our husbands without losing ourselves in the process?

    This empowering conversation on the role of a Jewish wife takes place ...