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Watch this video and more on INSPIRED LIVING

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Hungarian-Style Salami Letcho



  • Forgiving the Unforgivable

    This heartwarming episode embarks on a poignant journey alongside the remarkable Chany Rosengarten. With compassion and insight, Chany shares her personal odyssey of forgiveness, infusing the conversation with real-life experiences that touch the soul. Chany delves into the profound impact of hol...

  • Tasty Tongue

    In this episode, Raizy demonstrates how effortless it is to cook a delectable tongue to tender, buttery perfection. Learn to prepare this beautiful, rich dish Lekoved Yomtov; it freezes beautifully and is easier than you think!

    Links to the featured items in the episode:

    Find more easy roast an...

  • Chicken Galette with Mushroom Gravy

    In this episode, Raizy expertly guides viewers on how to create a delectable Chicken Galette with Mushroom Gravy—a symphony of flavors perfect for a festive Yomtov meal. She begins by sautéing ground dark chicken and skillfully combines peppers, onions, and celery to craft a rich and textured fil...